Trump says he will «re-open» the US in two weeks while his military brace for storm.

By: José David País Santamaría.

Donald Trump has transferred his political campaign and his liked «rallys» to the appearances that due to the COVID-19 pandemic is carried out every day from the White House.

Seeking to transmit the image of a functional and coherent government, Trump appears on national television every day, accompanied by a «Task Force» created by him to fight the coronavirus.

The space has become a sickly show, where the billionaire rambles, blind to science, while his advisers are stunned when they hear ideas such as «opening» the US in two weeks, just when that country is unambiguously heading to occupy the global epicenter of the pandemic.

Criticism from all sides have rained against inaction and the negligence of a government that has constantly put the profits of companies before the lives of the people, and that has a political cost.

Trump knows this and tries to patch it every day through the media, but like the coffins returning from Vietnam or Iraq, the COVID-19 statistics are compelling and impossible to ignore. Its political weight is enormous.

The reality is that, as we see in the media, the only one who thinks in the United States today that everything is fine and that it will be possible to «re-open», is the President himself and two or three of his advisers. Let’s see:

– The military has suspended travel, deployments and exercises for the entire force (source: Military Times, 12 hours ago).

-A Marine is the first case of COVID-19 inside the Pentagon building, source: Military Times, 13 hours ago.

-COVID-19 cases in the Armed Forces increased by 60 percent last week, source: Military Times, 20 hours ago.

-The army increases its defense status against epidemics in all its bases, source: Army Times, 10 hour ago.

In theory, the armed forces of any country take the lead in emergency response and prioritize their protection and that of the population, so if the US military is preparing for a storm, how is it possible that its supreme commander say that everything will return to normal in two weeks? What is broken in the governmental machinery of the United States, to produce such a contradiction?

I have a theory: the ruling mind is the problem. Trump’s ostrich syndrome and his verified ineptitude to deal with political problems without any hint of ethics or moral scheme, a man with a calculator where a brain should exist.

So we can predict: the US will not re-open in «two weeks»; if it does, it will suffer more than a million deaths and it will be forced to close again in a few days, by that time all health systems and the economy will be collapsed; the equation ends in chaos in a country with millions of weapons on the streets, by «right», and they will play their part (some recently bought because of the pandemic); Trump will not be President in November, not only because he is not popular enough, but, there may no longer be a country to govern.

The US people should just understand that the crisis they face is existential, they should not allow an idiot to lead them to destruction.

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