Open letter to Braemar passengers and crew.

Welcome to Cuba! I dont know what you have heard about my country before, but I am sure that many people will know about Cuba through you in the future. As a Cuban, I welcome you to my beautiful island, although this time there is no chance to get to know us well, but you will always be welcome if you want to return, because you already know that you can find a friendly people here.

In these days, many people like to do politics and seek profit from human suffering. In Cuba we are not like that. The world is sick, and the only way to heal it, is if human beings help each other, and we become a great family to overcome the pandemic, whose only positive legacy could be a more united planet.

If the Braemar, the ship that now houses you a few miles from my shores, from where you will see the lights of Cuba tonight, would have had to undertake a transatlantic journey to the United Kingdom, at least five patients would probably be sentenced to death, because on board they may not have advanced assistance resources for advanced or intensive therapy.

Furthermore, the disease could spread and once in port, on the other side of the world, not five but hundreds would be affected. When we receive you in Cuba, yes, we take a risk, but we do so out of an elementary human and solidarity duty, to save the lives of mothers, fathers, children, even if we do not know their names.

We know that for days you have traveled the Caribbean sea in search of a safe harbor and have found nothing but closed doors. We cannot blame anyone for being afraid in the midst of a crisis like this, and that is why we will not comment on the attitude of those countries that did not shelter Braemar. We only tell you and them that in Cuba we will always act in the name of life and solidarity and that if we can do something to quickly end the agony of families, we will do so without hesitation.

We wish you a quick and safe travel to your home. We hope you rest today, very close to my shores, while Cuba looks at you without fear but with pride in being able to help, while you prepare for a long day that will end at home, with your loved ones.

To the patients who have contracted the COVID-19, all blessings and good luck, and may health be with you, so you can heal soon: Hopefully, our humanitarian action has done something to save time and avoid further complications in your illness.

See you soon, friends, you have said that Cuba is great, but you have given us the opportunity to be so, so the world is great, love is great, life is great.

With respect and love…
A Cuban.

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